LensServ™ Integration

Integrating Your Own Website With LensServ™

Fully Integrated Solutions

LensServ™ can nearly automate the entire sales process for you with our fully integrated solutions. If you are on WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Shopify then orders are automatically fetched by VerifyMyLenses for prescription verification. Approved orders are then sent to our shipping department. Once shipped we update your website with shipped status and tracking number!

Partially Integrated Solution

If your store is not on WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Shopify don’t worry! We can still get you setup with a personalized workflow. Our shipping platform connects to almost every ecommerce platform. We can automatically fetch your orders after verification and ship them with lightning speed! The only part that will not be fully automated is the prescription verification. But the VML system is very user friendly and easy to use!

Frequently Asked Integration Questions

Q. Which system is better? WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Shopify?
A. We are not supposed to love one child over another right? Well. In this case we do. WooCommerce offers the most complete integration with VerifyMyLenses. BigCommerce and Shopify are awesome. But Woo is our first and best complete integration.

Q. How does VerifyMyLenses know what orders to fetch from my store?
A. VML is smart. Very Smart. It uses the SKU of the contact lenses so only orders that need prescription verification are fetched.

Q. Will non contact lens orders show up in your shipping system?
A. Yes. But we ignore them. Our shipping system fetches the entire order. If your online store has a mixed order for example. A widget you sell and a pair of contact lenses. You would ship the widget first and then change the status of the order to alert our shipping department to ship the lenses for you.