Create BC API Access

Create BigCommerce API Access

To use Direct Integration with your site we require two separate sets of API credentials from your BigCommerce store.

Legacy API Key

The Legacy API center is for the lens verification software to connect to your ecommerce website.

Follow these simple steps to create your BigCommerce Legacy API keys for VerifyMyLenses.

  1. Log into your bigcommerce store at
  2. From the admin menu on the left goto Advanced Settings and then choose Legacy API on the bottom of the menu.
  3. Click Create Legacy API Account
  4. Choose a username ( we recommend VML )
  5. Copy the Username, API Path and API Token and store them in a safe place. We will need them to connect to your store.
  6. Click save on the bottom of the screen and your done!

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Creating A Standard API Key For Shipworks

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